A New Day for Medivolve  


This past year has been unimaginably challenging for Americans everywhere as we navigated a global health pandemic with no warning, and no playbook to guide us. Out of this chaos, however, we have also witnessed countless examples of what we as people, colleagues and a society are truly capable of accomplishing when we are forced to rethink, relearn and ultimately, reimagine a better way.  


Medivolve is one of these examples. And for the number of our colleagues who have worked tirelessly to get us here today, I thank you. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this transformative tenacity in action.   


Today, we rebranded the company with a new visual identity that modernizes our brand and brings our renewed vision to life. But this is about so much more than a logo – it represents our evolution – and a promise of what a SaaS-based health-tech company can be.  


As we execute on our strategic plan and this next phase of growth, we go to market as “One Medivolve.” We’re creating a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. All our assets and properties have been rebranded under the Medivolve name, to remind everyone that we are stronger together, united by a common purpose: to harness the transformative power of technology to create healthier lives.  


As part of this, we’re doubling down on our founding mission to seek out disruptive technologies, new innovations, and exclusive partnerships to combat the far-reaching impact of health threats like COVID-19. Our testing sites, nearly 50 across the country, have played an important role in America’s recovery by giving people access to fast, accurate, and inexpensive clinical testing when and where they need it most.  


But we aren’t stopping there. Like all revolutionaries, we’re setting our sites higher than just the crisis in front of us. We’re waging war on the other pandemics like cancer, diabetes and heart disease that regularly threaten the health of millions of Americans and place an extreme burden on an already vulnerable healthcare system. Sadly, access to quality care today largely depends on where you live, prescriptions are often filled without cross-checking medications, systems don’t talk effectively to each other, and patients are blind to their options.  


It’s a big challenge that requires more than a band-aid approach. Real, systemic change needs someone to disrupt the system, and that’s exactly what the new Medivolve is here to do. We’re bringing together a new leadership team, strategic partnerships, and a powerful AI technology platform to change the face of human health management.  


Our model combines direct-to-patient services with powerful technologies for healthcare networks and medical providers that will result in smarter, automated diagnostics never seen before. We’re partnering with pharma companies and labs to create a full-circle health management solution that draws from our technology to deliver smarter, automated diagnostics that will change the way we approach patient care.  


You’re going to continue to see progress against this goal with new acquisitions and partnership announcements, investments in AI and tele-diagnostics, and innovative testing alternatives that help make care more accessible to those who need it most. 


I’m excited about our future and am dedicated to working with the management team and each one of our employees and partners to bring this renewed focus and discipline to everything we do as an organization – from where we focus our resources, to who we partner with, and where we choose to invest.  


Every move from this point forward is about advancing our mission and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – not just for our business and our shareholders, but for physicians and patients, and for the future of healthcare.  




CEO at Medivolve