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Our Long Term Vision

We’re setting our sights on a longer-term vision because the real war is bigger than one pandemic. In the United States today, one person dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease. There were 2 million more people diagnosed with cancer this year alone. And, over 34 million Americans are living with diabetes. Access to good care, especially in rural communities or low-income areas is hard to come by. Prescriptions are often filled without cross-checking medications, systems don’t talk to each other, and patients are blind to their options. If we are to bring about real change, we must first address the systemic issues embedded in our hyper fragmented, antiquated, overly complex, and expensive healthcare system.

It’s time for a solution, not a band-aid. We need a disruptor.


That’s where Medivolve comes in. Our country is in dire need of better, faster methods to convert clinical diagnostic data to actionable therapeutic decisions in order to achieve better patient outcomes, and we’re evolving to address the urgency our communities and stakeholders are demanding. We know that won’t happen standing still. That’s why this next phase of growth is about pivoting the model and putting the pieces together to build a profitable, SaaS-based health-tech company.


As we execute on a plan to get there, we’re laser-focused on creating a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. We’re advancing the mission under a powerful Medivolve brand umbrella united by a common purpose: to harness the transformative power of technology to CREATE HEALTHIER LIVES.


This requires discipline about where we focus our resources, who we partner with, and where we choose to invest to benefit our business and the industry:

  • Leaning into AI and tele-diagnostics to make data smarter, more actionable and intelligent clinical decisions;
  • Strategic partnerships and acquisitions with diagnostic labs and pharmacies to create a contained ecosystem that all works together;
  • Supporting and testing non-invasive, cost-effective and scalable test collection alternatives like BlowFISH to make testing more accessible to those who need it most; and
  • Collaborating with a highly experienced team of executives and advisors including medical professionals, computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

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