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We are Medivolve.

A healthcare technology and services company that seeks to reinvent the U.S. healthcare system by leveraging a bespoke telehealth platform, a clinical diagnostic network, and a data-driven AI framework to improve patient care.

Born out of the healthcare crisis; and the urgent need to address gaps in the nation’s fragmented, overly complex, and expensive health system, our model is poised to create a full-circle solution that makes it easier and faster to identify, treat, and possibly prevent medical issues. Powered by AI, our technology platform works together with our diagnostic labs, pharmacies, and physicians to close the gap between diagnosis and treatment, empower people with more control over their personal health and achieve a continuity of care never seen before.

What we do

Our team is built to search for challenges, develop solutions, and solve the crisis at hand through strategic investment of human and financial resources.

Test Tubes

Built for Transformation

We are building a med-tech platform to not only changes the way we approach global health crises but the future of human health management.

Dr with Patient

Create Healthier Lives

Our model aims to create a full-circle healthcare solution that closes the gap between diagnosis and treatment.

Inspire the New Future of Healthcare

We are striving to achieve a continuity of care never seen before.

Actionable Intelligence

Our advantage comes in the form of proprietary knowledge and experience.

We are comprised of a team of renowned global medical and business advisors who are committed to helping fulfill Medivolve’s mission of searching for and investing in breakthrough sciences, technologies, research, and resolutions to empower the betterment of mankind.

This braintrust includes Dr. Glenn Copeland, one of North America’s most prominent orthopedic treatment and sports medicine specialists. Through our panel of industry specialists, thought leaders, influencers, and opinion makers, Medivolve has also developed a proprietary strategy to capitalize on high-margin opportunities across: the prevention, detection, and treatment of COVID-19, and beyond.

Investment Philosophy


Speed Obsessed

We invest in developing and delivering solutions to challenge that require velocity without compromise.


Betterment Focused

We measure and monitor the return on investment to ensure betterment metrics are a strategic priority.


Positive Performance

We mandate that following a purposeful return on investment, bandwidth and focus is equally a positive return on investment of resources.


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