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We are Medivolve.

We seek out disruptive technologies, ground-breaking innovations, and exclusive partnerships to help combat COVID-19 and generate remarkable risk-adjusted returns for investors.

What we do

Our team is built to search for challenges, develop solutions, and solve the crisis at hand through strategic investment of human and financial resources.

Test Tubes

COVID-19 IgG Antibody 
Rapid Test

Rapid Antibody tests tell you instantly whether your body is ready to fight the virus. If you had a previous infection or the vaccine you should have COVID-19 antibodies that will help protect you against the virus.
Collection Sites

Collection Site

Medivolve’s wholly-owned subsidiary Collection Sites, LLC continues to help consumers access its effective and convenient COVID-19 testing solution.

Actionable Intelligence

Our advantage comes in the form of proprietary knowledge and experience.

Research team
Google Partner powered digital analytics

Investment team
with combined experience of 500-years +

Advisory board
providing wide spectrum of brilliant insight

comprised of experts, specialists & thought leaders

Global team
of operational teams and organizations

Investment Philosophy


Speed Obsessed

Medivolve invests resources in developing and delivering solutions to challenges that requires velocity without compromise


Betterment Focused

Medivolve measures and monitors the return on investment to ensure metrics of betterment are achieved as the first investment-priority

Positive Performance

Medivolve mandates that following a purposeful return on investment bandwidth and focus is equally a positive return on investment of resources

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