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Inspire the Future of Healthcare

Our model aims to close the gap between diagnostic data and prescription drugs, bringing data-driven clinical decisioning in a way never seen before, powered by a singular, streamlined technology network. Our direct-to-patient strategy is supported by nearly 50 front line testing cubes where patients have direct access to obtain meaningful clinical diagnostic services.
On the B2B side, we’ll be able to supply healthcare networks and medical partners with the tools to streamline services all underpinned by our Electronic Health Record platform. By partnering with clinical diagnostic labs and pharmacies, we will create a full-circle health management solution that constantly draws from our technology to deliver smarter, automated clinical decisions that will help eliminate the guesswork, make it easier and faster to treat issues and empower people to take a proactive approach to their health.
If we can get the formula right, our revenue model will dramatically improve – we’re projecting a potential upside from the $30 COVID testing cost per patient today, to $300 to $500 per patient – a game changer for our business and for communities across America.

Shifting Focus

This is our new focus, and how we believe we can help achieve the continuity of care this country has never seen before. Imagine a world where managing personal health is as simple and intuitive as checking your Facebook. Where real-time data and analytics powers a system that gets smarter each time and can flag, trace and report critical health data to patients and physicians based on measurable biomarkers derived from each patient. Where the life of an at-risk patient is saved by a notification on a smartphone. Where early detection and prevention become the “new normal” in the future of patient care. Now imagine that happening instantly and at scale – for hundreds of thousands of people.


We have the right tools, team, and information, and today we are laying the foundation to ultimately INSPIRE THE NEW FUTURE of human health management. The opportunity before us is bigger than any one innovation. Together with a new management team, strategic partners, and a purpose-driven culture, we are determined to push the boundaries of what’s possible – not just for our business and our shareholders, but for physicians and patients, and for the future of healthcare.

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