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Three Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic



First identified in Wuhan, China late 2019, the symptoms include: sore throat, aches, cough, and fever. 80% of cases only have mild symptoms, while 20% of cases can result in pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and death.


Each infected person is estimate to infect 3.3 additional people. The exponential growth of the disease is threating to overwelm hospitals around the world. It is a crisis of epic proportion.


It has been proven that rapid testing and quarantine can help “flatten the curve”. Through testing, metrics for management can be institutionalized.. Through management of testings, calm and confidence can be restored for communites and commerce.

Measurably Challenging


The COVID-19 pandemic is of epic proportions.

We are facing a global challenge and face it together still at the early stage. As manufacturers, scientists, healthcare workers and professionals scramble resources and bandwidth to react, what is required is a purposeful pro-active response.

Pandemic Total Cases
Pandemic New Cases


The COVID-19 pandemic is growing at an unprecedented rate and breadth.

The medical community remains in crisismanagement mode while governments deliberate how to optimally respond to the threats of the virus, and the financial crises left in its wake.


The COVID-19 carries a fatality rate that rises daily and concerns everyone.

Traditional views and perspectives have been rewritten as the world accepts the fact that no one is impervious to the presence of the virus.

This gives rise to the importance of self-assessment, self-regulation and self-quarantine as the antidote to the upset and concern with COVID-19 is awareness.
Pandemic Daily Deaths

Principles of Testing

The effectiveness of management and self-regulation is only equal and proportionate to the quality and speed of testing.

Testing and Reporting

The Greatest Challenge Facing Mankind is measuring accurately and reporting in real time the number of individuals detected, their origin and self-election to self quarantine so to ease the financial, social, infrastructural and economic measures of support, solution and structure to preserve and protect the balance of community.
Testing Infographic
Pandemic Global

Testing Matters

South Korea and China implemented rapid and low-cost testing.

  • Both have seen a dramatic fall in new cases
  • Extensive testing has allowed contract tracing to identify potential carriers
  • Better information about the spread improved public health authorities decision making
  • Infected persons were more likely to obey self-isolation orders

However, most current tests require a visit to a hospital.

  • This can lead to overcrowding at hospitals and waste precious healthcare resources
  • This can reserve hospitals for those in dire need


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